YESHUA, AKA JESUS THE NAZARENE is a novel which approaches the life of Yeshua (Jesus) from a perspective that is not handled with clarity by other writers, for it looks at this enigma from the aspect of his humanness, and the period from his youth and his first encounters with the High Priests in the temple, up to and after his crucifixion.

The story is told by many narrators including Yeshua himself, but uses the meeting of Philip the apostle and Abdul the Ethiopian Jew -- eunuch and treasurer of Candace, Queen of Ethiopia -- to relate the events of His life, his crucifixion and its aftermath.

Almost anything about the life of Jesus is intriguing and a book which explores His life story including the period between the journey of Mary, Joseph and the young child to Egypt and the commencement of His ministry and teachings must be equally intriguing. His crucifixion and the time thereafter will be attractive to all who want to hear different perspectives on His life and ministry.

The basis of Christian thought and teaching is Jesus' crucifixion, His [supposed] death on the cross and His resurrection and the promise of eternal life to those who follow His teachings, as well as the belief in His divinity and claim to be the Son of God.

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