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PASSION is the word that best describes Kemar Doughty’s attitude towards his writing; pleasure would be the next best word. Music and the landscape of the Caribbean, where he lives, are the two things that most inspire Kemar’s stories.

Kemar writes all the time—every story and every idea that crosses his mind. In fact, he usually dedicates at least three hours every day towards his writing. If he ever experiences writer’s block, he simply waits a few days, and if it doesn’t go away, he thinks up something new to write. He says that his mind wanders a lot when it is idle, and at such times he finds it easy to make up stories.

Kemar Doughty lives in Barbados, and in his early twenties has published his first book called OCEAN COVE, a novel which crosses at least three genres—romance, thriller and fantasy. This story, Kemar tells us, came about during one of those times when he would have started to write something else and got stuck. Its setting mirrors his childhood surroundings—a small house on a cliff overlooking the ocean in St. Philip, Barbados. He has always loved the sea.

Books are Kemar’s favourite thing, and he reads everything; no particular genre of fiction is preferred, but he does have a hard time with pure romance novels. He also has a preference for scientific or historic non-fiction as well as books on astronomy. He definitely likes Caribbean fiction, and he wishes that contemporary Caribbean fiction titles were easier to find.

Kemar’s writing style and the ease with which his stories unfold make him someone to watch as far as authorship is concerned. OCEAN COVE is a fantastic read—most suitable for young adults, but it is engaging enough for everyone. The setting is exotic, and so is the plot. It is the first in a four-part series, and the next in the series is called OCEAN TIDE.

We are excited to have his first title on our list.

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