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New Edition of a well-known collection of poems.

"Thank you, Farrell, for lending voice to the voiceless, and for this grave insight into all our lives..."   Dana Gilkes

Call of the Quartermaster is a NIFCA Gold Award winning Collection (2006). Created from a series of interactions with the Senior Citizens Drama Group, this collection was inspired by the life experiences of the participants and their environment. The poems are of struggle and lament, but are also about celebration and testimony. Some of the pieces were devised out of storytelling exercises and are indeed performance-oriented.

Winston Farrell’s love for writing started as a fun activity in the classroom and grew into a lifelong practice. He gained a Writer/Artist in residence with the Hudson Valley Writers Guild and the University of Albany NY in the early nineties and in Kentucky at the Jefferson Community College and the University of Louiseville in 2000 and 2002.

His poetry has been published in literary journals such as Race Today; the stellar published anthology Crossing Water; Kyk-over-al, July 1991; Trinidadian New Voices; Banja, created by The NCF; Poui, a UWI Cave Hill Journal, Voices Writers Collective, and others.

About Winston Farrell                    

 A psychological action thriller by Brenton Nicholas of Trinidad and Tobago.

The incredible genius Brandon Alexander awakens from a concussion due to an accident, but it’s like he finds himself in another reality. Strange people claim to know him and there is a robed man with gold eyes in his dreams that resembles him.

Meanwhile authorities are after a vigilante who has suddenly killed a high court judge, and Brandon gains clues that he is somehow connected.  In addition to figuring out the dynamics of his intellect and his evolving situation, he discovers that one influential family is controlling the country’s financial and administrative institutions, which connects everything, except for one thing... How is Brandon connected?  

Brenton Nicholas lives in Eastern Trinidad. He began reading and discovering Caribbean fiction as a teenager, and then began writing. He uses his degree in psychology and love for the subject to create interesting characters and narratives based on cognitive and behavioural theories. He hopes for his stories to touch his readers and reflect the similarities in life's experiences, even though we are all unique.


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