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We are proud to introduce our first stab at Young Adult Fiction.

17-year old Chase Rowland's parents move the family to a picturesque Caribbean island; to a beautiful house on a cliff overlooking the sea. Chase is captivated by its allure. He is growing up, and he falls in love for the first time—hard. The girl is everything he dreamed of, but Chase has to pay the price for this courtship. He doesn't want to lose her, but does he want to lose his life? How hard is he willing to fight for her, and for himself? Chase finds himself entangled in a supernatural war, in a magical world, and in a romance he just can’t turn away from. Has his life taken a turn for the better, or for worse?

Kemar brings mermaid folklore to life and serves it up with a steamy romance and an exciting, epic battle!

Kemar Doughty is a young Barbadian writer who started without much help. He just knew he wanted to write, so he started. That's usually the best way. He is a brave lad, and he saw it through to the end.

Kemar is 21 years old and lives in Barbados. He has been writing from a very young age, and was inspired to write this, his first novel after hearing a story from his friend’s grandmother of a man from Saint Peter who died at sea, according to legend, at the hands of a creature that was half-human, half-fish.

OCEAN COVE is a magnificent story with twists and turns, suspense, fantasy, romance, action and adventure. In this saga Kemar presents a young man facing an intense struggle with seemingly insurmountable odds, whose triumph over his challenges is propelled by an uncanny attraction to a beautiful girl -- his first love. He is willing to stop at nothing to keep her in his life.

Even though it's such a dreamy romance, it's also quite the thriller, and a feast for the imagination. Don't miss this action-packed tale. It would make a great gift for your teenaged loved one!

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