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Over recent years the book industry has lost its dependable, definitive shape and has been morphing into various options for booksellers, publishers and authors. It has been challenging. When technology intersected with publishing, the game changed completely, and has been changing ever since, so that it's hard to predict the next trend.

Technology trends have been good for authors and booksellers, but has held mixed blessings for publishers.

Caribbean Chapters Publishing has been around for just 8 years, rolling with the punches. In our own small way, we strive to produce quality editorial and design services. We know that no matter what the technology trends are, you can't beat a good book!

A structured, consultative editorial process and top notch design services are complemented by customized marketing. Every book is different, and should be sold in a different way to capture its unique audience.

We recognize that a book and its author have a special relationship, and we like to stay out of the way. So we offer authors the kind of control that self-publishing brings, while providing professional support services and aggressive marketing -- the best of both worlds.

And yes, we are in the Caribbean... in Barbados. We edit, design, publish and consult. 

Let's see what we can do for you!

Our Chief Editor, Cook, Bottle Washer, Book Designer, Cleaner & Security Guard

I first started developing and designing publications while living in Ottawa, Canada's capital city. After working within that business community for some years I gained experience with software applications such as Adobe Framemaker, Interleaf for Windows, Interleaf for DOS, and other industry-standard commercial applications.

Having been thrown in at the deep end to participate in the development of publications like the Pro-Care 2000 Nurse Communications Systems Manual, the Canadian Mortage and Housing Corporation 1995 Bilingual Catalogue, Telco Picture Framing Supplies 1995 Catalogue, New To The Road: Report of the Canadian Traffic Injury Research Foundation, Office Consolidation of Acts and Rules for the Supreme Court, and a bilingual manual and schematics for an anti-aircraft gun (all spooky and top secret - Department of National Defence), regular prose narrative seems like a walk in the park. But it's not -- the editorial process is easier with the technical manuals, while other genres are more fun to edit.

I absolutely adore books. I first honed my editorial skills at Commoners Publishing in Ottawa, then as a free-lance service provider. Co-editing, illustrating and designing Beyond Black Magazine (out of print), and having my first ever cartoon actually published on the front page of the Algonquin Times newspaper gave me the confidence and leverage that I needed to move towards a career developing publications.

Being back in the Caribbean where our stories leap off the page with a value and uniqueness that is hard to find anywhere else is a great opportunity. I hope you enjoy the work of our authors. Caribbean people are colourful, interesting and energetic. Their ancestries and ethnicities are diverse and they share a rich and turbulent history. They have intriguing and beautiful stories to tell.


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