Editorial Supervision

Sometimes the narrative is rolling around in your head and you just can't seem to be able to order your thoughts. You need to structure and outline. In other words, you need a map. We can help chart the way forward by reviewing and evaluating your content, creating a bird's-eye-view of your text -- the big picture. Then we'll hold your hand a bit throughout the whole process of developing your product.

Editorial Services

Our process is simple and transparent, and we involve you at every stage, from the broad concepts to the fine details--the cutting and shaping; the nuts and bolts of improving style and narrative. Every step of the book's life is carefully documented. We offer style/copy-editing, structural editing, story editing and illustration services.

We put ourselves in the writer’s shoes, and listen for the writer’s intent. We don’t try to change the author, we just try strengthen the book.

Correcting errors in grammar, spelling, usage, syntax, sentence structure, missing words; alerting you to special problems such as overuse of italics, British spelling vs. American spelling, etc.; drawing attention to unclear passages, awkward phrasing, changing sexist language and wording that may be perceived as prejudiced in other ways, overuse of jargon or slang, defamatory or potentially libelous statements; sniffing out inconsistencies.

We assess the manuscript’s overall structure, organization and language. We try to track down what is missing, try to recognize the author’s vision, and we evaluate the manuscript as a whole in order to help the author make it the best it can be.

Using balance, good editorial judgement and flexibility, we put ourselves in the writer’s shoes and listen for the writer’s intent. Then we work on strengthening the story without taking over.

Planning & Consulting

We can help you with your book idea, guiding you through the steps to the finished product, helping you visualize the end and organize the means.

Book Cover & Interior Design

A book can be judged by its cover, but the story can't be told on the cover. We have you covered with cover and interior design services that enhance and improve reader enjoyment. Books should be good to look at, and great to read.


Our publishing services are designed to ensure that authors reap early rewards from the experience. Why shouldn't you after you've spent so many hours labouring to write? Ask about our balanced approach to getting you published.


"Carol is a very talented Graphic Artist, an excellent Editor and a very knowledgable Publisher. She is detail oriented and anyone who engages her services is guaranteed a superb product at the end."

Alvin Cummins, BSc. M.Sc. F.S.M.T. M.Phil., Author


"My experience with Caribbean Chapters has been a pleasant one. Although I initially hired Carol to proofread my book Financial Empowerment: Realign Your Finances to God’s Will, she became very instrumental in getting my work published. If you need a book cover designed, interior book formatting or promotion work done, Caribbean Chapters is the place to go. I highly recommend this excellent and timely service!"

Pamela V. Carmichael, Award Winning Author

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