JACK OLIVER, stressed from years as a war correspondent, leaves the grey drizzle of Vancouver for Bathsheba, on the rugged Atlantic coast of Barbados, where he begins to relax. He plans to write his biography—the war stories and atrocities he has witnessed. But his personal issues of abandonment bubble to the surface of the page.

He meets two lonely, washed-up musicians living in a beach shack who are far too talented to just be drifters. Jack learns that they’re both on a similar quest: to escape former lives riddled with challenges and trauma; and they’ve had some interesting visitors, like Jagger and Silverman. Ever the reporter, he’s keen to learn more about them, and becomes enmeshed in their painful lives.    

Jack sees his past life in shades of grey. In Bathsheba, the colors and the future are vibrant. He does not want to end up like his new friends, but by sharing in their stories, he somehow finds a way to resolve some of his personal conflicts. He also finds love, solace, a new way forward, and something he thought was completely lost...

Lynda Crawford is a multi-media artist living on Salt Spring Island off the coast of British Columbia. Uncomfortably Numb is her first published novel, a moving story with an elegant narrative. Its calming, gentle rhythm ebbs and flows from scene to scene like waves on a beach.

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