The 'hero' of the novel is a poor black boy who grew up in the late 1930's or 1940's and benefited from a quality secondary education. Having progressed through scholarship, strength of character, perseverence and hard work, he becomes a minister of government, and subsequently the Prime Minister. There are elements in both society and government that threaten to overpower him and interrupt the domestic harmony of the island.

The struggle to keep the 'Royal Palms' alive challenges the strength and integrity of Harold, the Prime Minister. His struggle is reinforced by the guidance of his mentor Joe, the old cabinet maker, Mildred, his wife and Bartlet the Bartender, who help Harold to maintain his attachment to the grassroots, the villagers with whom he has never lost touch. 

The Royal Palms Are Dying provides an insight into the intrigues of politics in a small island, the machinations of 'white shadows', and the depravity of persons in high office on the island. From a quiet beginning it races through twists and turns to a surprising and violent ending. 

Cummins has woven a captivating plot which keeps you reading, and, in the words of reviewer Trevor Marshall, it "….races along with the speed and emotion-jerking sturdiness of a state-owned Transport Board bus.".

"I read this book in one continuous sitting. I could not put it down. It is brilliant... brilliant."   Ashworth Elwin. former dominican High commissioner to London

"I thoroughly enjoyed it. The symbolism of the dying Royal Palms is beautifully done. The corruption that is central to the book is the same as that in Miami except here it is on a much grander scale and not so clever or subtle as in your book."  Joseph Prosspero. Professor Emeritus University of Miami.

"...I found it a good read... I could relate to a lot of what he wrote about. I could not put it down once I got into it. The name of the book is so well suited to the subject matter...a very creative mind." Pansy Inniss Canada

"I read this book and I loved it...The book is great." Elaine Lukowsky Canada

"...Racy, gripping, addictive. a writing style that is reader friendly, relevant and the ultimate in clarity..." Albert Alleyne

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