"...it has always been clear to me that the people of the Caribbean region are one people. There is so much more that unites us than that separates or divides us! It is therefore high time for us to come together and claim our rightful destiny as a culturally strong, secure, prosperous and progressive multi-territory nation and civilisation that occupies a place of respect in the highest international councils." In this dynamic, wide-ranging and insightful treatise, David Comissiong establishes that the Caribbean is a unique civilisation in its own right, and outlines an urgent, concrete and practical stratagem for achieving the total decolonisation of the region, and for its economic and political unification. Mr. Comissiong's compelling narrative is set against the backdrop of the many critical existential challenges facing the Caribbean and is informed by a deep knowledge of the region and an appreciation of its rightful place within the worldwide Pan-Africanist struggle.

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