The themes of culture and identity will forever bear relevance in a Caribbean context. P. Antonio 'Boo' Rudder approaches these themes from the very intimate knowledge which he has acquired from being both an artist and an administrator, a CEO and a cultural warrior; one who has worn and continues to wear several of these caps. He has taken up the challenge to address them honestly and forthrightly in the context of a Barbadian perspective. This work traces developments in the creative and artistic landscape of Barbados over the past three decades, describing policies, initiatives and personalities that have significantly impacted these developments. In doing so it exposes the milestone achievements, outstanding contributions, opportunities, benchmarks, stumbling blocks, errors, foibles, and conundrums emerging from such developments. It is a case study which can inform researchers, developers of cultural policies and programmes, and cultural practitioners across the Caribbean. After reading Marching to a Different Drummer, it will be difficult to plead innocence when questioned about the state of culture and our cultural perceptions in Barbados.

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